Residential Painting

Straight Razor Painting offers professional interior and exterior house painting services. We take great pride in our quality painting services and high customer reviews. Click one of the links below to learn more about the painting services we offer.

Straight Razor Painting offers professional exterior house painting services. We can help with all types of exterior home surfaces including wood, siding, stucco and more.

Straight Razor Painting provides a range of custom interior painting services, allowing for a smooth, seamless experience and exceptional results in every home.


Commercial Painting

Straight Razor Painting is here for you and your property as you navigate the ever-changing world around us. Whether painting inside or out, our highly-skilled commercial painting specialists will provide you with top-notch results.

Our clients can then feel fully supported throughout the duration of the project and beyond, knowing that their commercial buildings is in the right hands. We offer a wide range of services in paintings and coatings, with expertise in many verticals; we will always be able to deliver exactly what you need. Each Straight Razor Painting business is independently owned and operated.

If you have a commercial property in need of professional painting services, contact us today. We will provide a clear and timely estimate and get the job done quickly.

New Construction

We arrive on the scene once the plumbing and electrical have been run through the house and the drywall work has been completed. All the mudding of the walls and sanding has been done by the drywallers. They have also completed any texturing of ceilings.

This gives us the ability to spray paint without having to worry about getting it on anything. If there are any smooth (non-textured) ceilings we work on those first. We spray on a primer, back roll it and when its dry do an overall sanding of the ceiling. Then two coats of ceiling paint are sprayed and back rolled. The appropriate amount of drying time is left between each coat. The spraying and back rolling of the ceilings

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